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The leader in Chicago for Non-Surgical Pain Management

At pain relief institute, our board certified physicians are committed to a non-surgical approach to healing and pain relief.

By leveraging medical innovation, cutting edge technologies and your body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself, PRI is able to get patients back to doing the things they love pain free.

Pain Relief Institute is one of the few clinics in the country to truly specialize in advanced conservative treatments. While other pain management and orthopedic clinics dabble in these treatments as ancillary to their conventional and surgical approaches, these innovative techniques are our primary focus. As such, our patients can be assured that they are undergoing treatment with among the most knowledgeable, experienced and skilled specialists in the field.

The Pain Relief Institute’s philosophy and steadfast passion for patient care that started 23 years ago. PRI has 2 pain management centers in the Chicago suburbs and is shaking up not only how we view pain management but also how we look at healthcare. Shannon Patel, Clinical Director at PRI, says, “We took a good hard look at what healthcare is becoming and what we’d learned over 23 years. In a healthcare environment distracted by: healthcare reform uncertainty, decreasing reimbursements and constant battles with insurance, we doubled down our efforts to solely focus on patient care” Shannon continues, “we still accept Medicare and most insurances, but we’ve created better processes, allowing our clinical staff to spend more time with their patients.“

PRI’s philosophy is very simple: see fewer patients, spend more time with every patient, give appointments within days and not weeks or even months, and create an experience for the patient that is the foundation to cultivating a genuine patient-provider bond. At PRI, new patient appointments scheduled every 30-45 minutes, allowing their staff to take their time and really get to understand the patient and their complete health history. Traditional healthcare clinics schedule every 10 minutes and spend seven to eight minutes with the patient. Today, most clinics are trying to see more patients, not fewer, due to decreasing reimbursements. This often leads to a decrease in the quality of care and pain management success.

How our pain management stats compare to others

At the Pain Relief Institute, our pain management protocol for each patient is unique and custom tailored based on your condition and your past history. The Medical Team at PRI takes up to 60 minutes assessing the pain management needs of new patients; the visit is thorough and complete, never rushed. The PRI staff values patient education and reviewing all treatment options for pain management. Thus we choose to see fewer patients and spend more with our patients.




Minutes With Your Physician


Or More Patients Seen Anually


Minutes With Your Physician


Or More Patients Seen Anually

Pain Relief Institute is the premier destination for Advanced Pain Management