Knee pain is becoming an epidemic for patients of all ages. From meniscus tears to osteoarthritis the incidence of knee pain is on the rise. Few clinics see more knee pain patients than Pain Relief Institute giving you access to some of the best knee pain specialists Chicago has to offer. 

Non-Surgical Treatment of Knee Pain

Premier Non-Surgical Treatment Center for Knee Pain

At Pain Relief Institute, our Chicago knee specialists are committed to relieving your pain and healing your injury from the inside out, so you can make a full return to your active lifestyle. And to accomplish these goals, we leverage cutting edge  technology and innovative medical techniques that are proven-effective to get results.

Quite often other doctors focus on temporary pain-relief measures or invasive surgery. As some of the best medical providers of relief for knee pain Chicago has to offer, we believe in a more innovative way to naturally restore function and treat knee pain. We know that our patients want long-lasting relief and want to avoid medications, steroid injections and surgery. As such, Pain Relief Institute is primarily focused on non-surgical alternative procedures that can potentially improve your symptoms and repair the damaged structure in your knee without a lengthy healing period. We believe that these approaches offer a minimally invasive and viable method for treating knee pain. Our team has treated thousands of patients using this approach with positive results.

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Common Causes


Common Symptoms of Knee Pain:

Numerous conditions and injuries can result in debilitating knee pain. Some of the most common ones among our patients in Chicago and surrounding suburbs include:



Meniscus Tear

MCL Sprain

ACL Injury

Bakers Cyst

Patellar Tendonitis

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Common Symptoms of Knee Pain:

  • Popping and Clicking
  • Pain going up and down stairs
  • Knee locking
  • Stiffness
  • Pain going from sitting to standing
  • Swelling
  • Instability
  • Leg giving out
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Diagnosing the cause of your pain

To determine what specifically is causing your knee pain, the medical team will perform a complete physical examination to understand your lifestyle and what may have triggered the pain. We’ll assess overall biomechanics along with the entire knee to access for pain, swelling, range of motion, stability/laxity, and functional capacity.

Although the physical examination gives our medical team an idea of what’s causing your pain, we’ll often want to confirm our diagnosis with an imaging test. In many cases, this may be an X-ray of your knee to specifically evaluate for arthritis. If a more extensive injury is present involving bone, cartilage or meniscus is suspected, we may order and MRI.

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Diagnosing the Cause of your Knee Pain

Knee Pain Treatments